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About Steve Cockell

Steve Cockell has been a qualified tennis professional for 14 years and has been coaching in the SW London area for over 10 years. He is a CCA licensed professional who has a reputation for making players maximise their development and their enjoyment at the same time. He currently runs 3 businesses based on his tennis coaching experience: In the Zone Sports, Sunset Sports and The Annabel Croft Tennis Academy where he acts as Director of Tennis. He is also a part-time coach at David Lloyd Hampton.
Steve started playing at the age of 8 and mixed tennis with a array of other sports including cricket, football and golf. He was selected to represent his home county Essex and junior and senior level and his tennis won him a scholarship for two years at the University of North Alabama. Recently, Steve resumed a competitive playing career by reaching the final of the over 35's GB Nationals.
Steve's business career started with the launch of In the Zone Sports in 2002 but he has been running a successful coaching business since 1996. He believes that running your own business is a hard task at times but loves the challenge and the rewards. Having been involved in tennis now for almost 32 years he recognizes that he must genuinely love the game. He feels lucky that everyday presents new chances to meet people with the same attitude - what a great job!

Steve Cockell - Playing / Coaching Resume

  • Former National Junior / Senior County Player
  • 1992-1994 - University of North Alabama
  • 1997-2005 - Teaching professional / The Roehampton Club
  • 2000-2005 - Assistant Professional / WJTI (based at the All England Club)
  • 2000-2009 - Head Resort Professional, Powder Byrne Holidays, Elba
  • 2002 - Launched In the Zone Sports
  • 2004-2009 - Racquets Manager / Amida Health and Fitness, Twickenham
  • 2008 - Launched Sunset Sports
  • 2008 - Runner Up Over 35's GB Nationals, Wimbledon
  • 2009- - Partner / The Annabel Croft Tennis Academy, SW London